And now…What Comes Before

What Comes Before Cover

Here is it – What Comes Before  – a FREE collection of scenes from             Seldom Come By giving you the opportunity to spend more time with Samuel and Rebecca and the young Dalton family.

However it come with a WARNING: this collection contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

If you have not read Seldom Come By then see you later. 🙂

Seriously, don’t spoil it for yourself or me. 🙁

There are 8 mini chapters in all, totaling 8,000 words. These were in an earlier draft of Seldom Come By and would have appeared in the last section,             The Promised Land. They cover the time period from 1926 to 1939 and all take place before Come What May.

In Come What May, the Dalton children grow up fast and Gene goes on to take centre stage. However, in What Comes Before you’ll get to hear Rebecca tell the Dalton family about what happened in the days and months before she arrived in Toronto. You’ll meet the young Dalton children and get to know their characters a little bit more. You’ll also see Grandpa Dalton once more, but mostly you’ll enjoy the banter and love between Samuel and Rebecca.

Readers have given me feedback that they would love to spend more time with the Dalton family so I’m delighted to be able to share this with you.

So all you have to do is click on the link below depending on the format you want and download.

  • ePub (for Kobo, iBook etc.)
  • PDF (for computers and iPADs)
  • Mobi (for Kindle)


Come What May is close!

Come What May is close 2


Dear Readers

Thank you for your patience with me as you wait for Come What May, Book 2 of The Iceberg Trilogy. I have spent the last five weeks doing rewrites and edits of my manuscript. The good news is nothing much has changed in the arc of this novel. I’ve just been able to add greater insights, emotions and depth to the characters and some of the events that they go through. I’m much happier with the novel now and I’m hoping it will have a similar emotional resonance as my debut novel, Seldom Come By.

I am aiming to release this in mid-late September – the exact date will be advised shortly – with the Advanced Readers Edition (ARE) for Netgalley, bloggers and review sites being available on 1 September.

However, as a thank you to my supportive readers of Seldom Come By I am also going to GIVE AWAY 6 copies of the ARE (ebook) on 1 September as well.  I’m running the competition over here on my Facebook page.

The competition is geared around reviews of Seldom Come By.

3 winners will be drawn from people who have already written a review.

3 winners will be drawn from people who write a review between now and 31st August.

(Cut off will be midnight Hawaii time.)

So if you have been meaning to write a review of Seldom Come By I hope this will be the incentive you’ve been looking for.

If you haven’t read Seldom Come By yet but have been meaning to, well great news, the ebook is on sale for $1.99 until 31st August. You can buy it here.

Here’s the various locations where you can write a review:

The site where you purchased your ebook from:

Or Goodreads or Book Movement

You have to signup to be a member of both Goodreads and Book Movement but membership is free, painless and worthwhile and I would really love it if some of the book clubs who have read my book could write a review on Book Movement!!