Warning: spoiler alert!

Come What May is so good! It’s been delightful to read more about the Daltons and be back in their company. I loved your descriptions of the North. The flight up to Igloolik is beautifully written and brought back some of the good memories of my time near the North. The experience of one of the characters devastated me and haunts me – very powerful.  So much wonderfulness in this book.
–   Katherine Hooten, Canada

I was immediately engaged in this book because I knew the characters from having read Seldom Come By, which I found enchanting. I loved Come What May from start to finish and in some respects found it more rounded than its predecessor. I like it when books start off with challenges for the characters that they have to work through in their lives and come to a place of success or happiness. I particularly loved the detail in the travelling north section, finding out about the Cree and of course seeing Sonny and Gene fall in love. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn’t wait to pick it up each night.
Carolyn Wood, New Zealand