With Gratitude

Many people over many years have helped me shape Seldom Come By into its final form and launch it in style. To all of them I am incredibly grateful and I want to sing their praises.

For hours of web and design work, Mark Squires, ably supported by Shane Rightford. For social media assistance, Anita Beasley, For his beautiful blue iceberg cave photograph, I am indebted to South American photographer, Pululante and Flickr Creative Common License. Thanks also to Mark and Stephen Grealy for assistances with images. Most of the other photographs are my own, belong to friends or have been been purchased through photo libraries, with the exception of historical/research images.

For help with the craft of writing I would like to thank author, Rosina Lippi (Sara Donati) author of Into the Wilderness series, who for many years wrote one of the most interesting and educational weblogs around — and she’s back. I’d also like to thank Paullina Simons for writing such beautiful, inspirational love stories and for her genuine warmth and appreciation of her readers.

And last but but no means least, I want to say a few words about my early readers. In most books authors acknowledge the people who helped bring that particular book to life towards the end. I would like to do that here. Please let me know if I have forgotten you!

To my first two readers: my partner, Mark, and your surprised comment, ‘Actually, I’m quite enjoying it’; and my sister Anita, for your tears in all the right places; thank you both for your years of support and assistance.

To my wonderful reviewers from across the globe: Jessie Carter, Ruth Schaffer, Teresa Marinovich, Cathi Roberts, Jill Roberts, Carolyn Wood, Sandie Squires, Jeannette Kirby, Jane Brisbane, Julie Fison, Gabrielle Reinhardt, Leah Sparkes, Svetlana Stankovic, and Su Sprott, thank you ladies for being such a special part of this journey. To manuscript assessor, Stephen Stratford and literary agent, Pippa Masson, thank you for your interest and guidance. To Jan Caulfield, Kylie Depper, Malcolm Meldrum, Margarita Dalmeida, Angela Mangnall, and Jeanne Pryde – thank you for being in my cheer squad and never giving up hope for me. To the adorable Pepe dog, thank you for our walks and cuddles.

And to my wider circle of family and friends, thank you for getting on board and embracing Seldom Come By.