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Little Seldom is the first quarter of Seldom Come By — approximately 115 pages — especially created as a FREE download.

Meet fourteen year old Rebecca Crowe, on the edge of Newfoundland, on the edge of of womanhood, as she rescues nineteen year old shipwreck survivor Samuel Dalton. Experience the breathtaking iceberg that brought them together on the eve of the Great War. Discover the swirling undercurrents that surround them: Rebecca’s sister, Rachel, also vying for Samuel’s affections and Matthew, Samuel’s brother, vying for Samuel’s return.

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Named after an actual place in Newfoundland, Seldom Come By is Rebecca’s coming of age story and Rebecca and Samuel’s soaring,unforgettable love story. Little Seldom, also named after an actual place in Newfoundland, is the first 17 chapters of Seldom Come By. At 36,000 words this novella will leave you wanting more of Rebecca and Samuel and their iceberg-inspired idyll.

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