Seldom Come By Launch Competition

Closes 20 December 2013                                                                                                                    Return to the Home Page

Win a FREE eReader of your choice to the value of USD$150 (inc freight), PLUS an Advance Readers Edition (ARE) of Book 2 of The Iceberg Trilogy – the latter to be sent to you 1 month prior to official publication.

How this competition works: Simply log in using your Email or Facebook login details.

Then start playing by doing as many or all of the activities on the list. As you see, some activities are worth more points, plus, some activities, such as the Facebook share, you can do multiple times, earning Bonus points.
(Note: because you share Facebook posts more than once the total amount of possible points you can accrue is reset each night – don’t worry your points aren’t lost!)

When the competition closes, the more points you have earned, the greater your chance of being randomly selected as the winner. It’s a numbers game!

Good luck, have fun and thanks for getting into the spirit.

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