The Iceberg Trilogy – List of Main Characters

The Crowe Family, Newfoundland

Rebecca Crowe

  • Youngest daughter of Silas and Morna Crowe of Second Chance Island, Newfoundland
  • Born 14 July 1899
  • 14 years old when we first meet her in Seldom Come By
  • Married Samuel Dalton in June 1919
  • 40 years old at the start of Come What May

Rachel Crowe

  • Rebecca’s sister, three years her senior, born 28 March 1896
  • Married to Andrew Townsend
  • Lives in St John’s, Newfoundland
  • Has three children: Simon, Mary and Beth

Esther Crowe

  • Rebecca’s eldest sister, eleven years her senior, born in 1988
  • Married to David Henderson
  • Lives in Salvage, Newfoundland
  • Has seven children:  Ruth (married to Michael aka Micky), Deborah (married to Selwyn aka Sel), Joseph, Reuben (born late March 1918 making him seven weeks older than his cousin, Jonathan Dalton), Thomas, Anna and Jimmy

Silas Crowe

  • Rebecca’s father
  • Born 1850 in Labrador
  • Died in 1925 at 65 years of age due to a suspected heart attack
  • Married firstly to Dorcas who died in childbirth

Morna Crowe

  • Rebecca’s mother and Silas’ second wife
  • Born 1870
  • Had seven children: Esther, Luke, Paul, Simon, Isaac, Rachel and Rebecca. All four boys died during birth or in infancy

The Dalton Family, Toronto

Samuel Dalton

  • Youngest son of Leonard and Charlotte (Lottie) Dalton of Toronto
  • 19 years old when we first meet him in Seldom Come By
  • Born 10 March 1895
  • Married Rebecca Crowe in June 1919
  • Was a doctor, studied at McGill University, specialised in public health
  • Fathered six children with Rebecca
    • Samson, born 23 April 1918, lived for three days
    • Abigail, (Abby) born 5 May 1927
    • Henry, born 31 October 1929, lived for one day
    • Morton, born 13 March 1931
    • Evangeline, (Gene) born 26 August 1933
    • Joel, born 21 February 1935
    • Adopted his nephew, Jonathan in 1919, and raised him as his own
  • 44 years old at the start of Come What May, July 1939

Leonard Dalton

  • Samuel’s father
  • Known as Grandpa Dalton by Samuel & Rebecca’s children
  • Married to Charlotte (Lottie) Sibonne
  • Was a doctor, studied at McGill University Montreal

Lottie Dalton

  • Married to Leonard Dalton, Samuel’s Father
  • With him had 3 children: Analeise (Leise), Matthew and Samuel

Grandpa (Morton) Dalton

  • Leonards’ father
  • Grandfather of Samuel Dalton
  • Great Grandpa to Samuel’s children
  • Was a doctor, studied at McGill University Montreal and served in the Boer War
  • Died in 1937 at 98 years of age

Matthew Dalton

  • Samuel’s older brother
  • Was a doctor, studied at McGill University
  • Married Lenore Anderson in 1917 in England
  • With Lenore had a son, Jonathan, born 13 May 1918 in Toronto
  • Was killed during WWI at Etaples, France just over a week later in May 1918
  • Wife, Lenore, died of Spanish Flu in March 1919, leaving their son, Jonathan, an orphan

Analeise (Leise) Dalton

  • Samuel’s older sister
  • Married Randall McCurdy – an architect
  • Had three children: Benjamin, Catherine and Daniel

Adeline (Addie) and Jerome Johnson

  • Employees and friends of Leonard and Lottie Dalton
  • Had four children, their youngest, Joel, was good friends with Samuel Dalton

The Sibonne Family, Montreal & Quebec

Michel Sibonne

  • Brother of Charlotte (Lottie) Dalton (nee Sibonne)
  • Principal of Sibonne Traders and Shipping, a company founded by his father, with offices in Montreal and Quebec.
  • Married to Marguerite
  • With Marguerite had two sons: Jean-Paul and René born in the 1890s

The following characters are hidden as they contains spoilers. Look at after you’ve read Come What May.

Jonathan Dalton

• Born 13 May 1918
• Adopted and raised by his paternal uncle, Samuel, and his wife, Rebecca, whom he called Dad and Mom
• Married Annabelle in 1947
• With Annabelle had four children: Matthew, Alison, Louise, Andrew

Abigail Dalton

  • Born 3 May 1927
  • Married Will Howard in 1949
  • Had four children: Anthony, Stephen, Leisa, Charlotte (Charlie)

Gene Dalton

  • Evangeline, (Gene) born 26 August 1933
  • Married Sonny Marlow in April 1961 and with him had 2 daughters
    • Lindsay Dalton Marlow born 18 November 1962
    • Shane Sibonne Marlow born 23 July 1966

Sonny Marlow

  • Born on 8 May 1927
  • Only surviving child of Don Marlow and Elin Hansen, formerly from Norway
  • An accomplished, second generation pilot
  • Close to one female cousin, Sylvia, on his father’s side
  • Married Gene Dalton in April 1961

Family Friend

Wyatt Kingston
  • Born in 1891
  • A doctor who studied medicine at McGill University
  • Worked alongside Samuel on the Western Front in 1918
  • Is a general practitioner
  • Has a sister, Pearl, who is married to Jed, and has three children: two daughters and a son called Paul.
  • Married Rebecca Dalton on 14 July 1949