With Gratitude

As with my first novel, considerable research went into Come What May, particularly as I knew very little about aircraft and bush pilots before I started. To that end, Bush and Arctic Pilot by A.R. Williams and other stories I found through Virtual Horizons magazine were of immense value and interest, as too was Sarah Ekoomiak’s Life Story. Joseph Boyden’s novels, Three Day Road and Into Black Spruce, helped to immerse me in the world of the Cree and life in Hudson Bay, and the films, Map of the Human Heart, and The Snow Walker helped with a sense of place. To the best of my abilities I have tried to accurately portray historical events, places and the odd Cree word I uncovered through my research. Any mistakes are entirely my own or have been altered for the purposes of fiction.

The inspiration to write The Iceberg Trilogy came about following a holiday I had to Canada one northern summer, and the inspiration for Sonny in part came from the father of a university friend. You can find out more about the inspiration for both Come What May and its predecessor, Seldom Come By, by reading the Frequently Asked Questions and various blog articles on this website.

Many people over many years have helped me shape this novel and the trilogy into its final form. To all of them I am incredibly grateful.

Specifically, for Come What May, I would like to thank once again my partner, Mark, and my sister, Anita, for telling me straight what they always think, for reading Come What May throughout its various iterations and for always being 100% behind my writing and publishing journey. Heartfelt thanks also to Mark for his ongoing assistance with updates to this website. xo

To the wonderful women from across the globe who helped me finesse Come What May – Ruth Schaffer, Carolyn Wood, Sandie Squires, Jane Brisbane, Gabrielle Reinhardt, Svetlana Stankovic, and Katherine Hooten – thank you for being part of this journey.

I would like to single out my dear friend, Leah Sparkes, my Newfoundland guide, who has been so forthcoming in her support of my writing and in sharing historical aspects and life experiences in Newfoundland and Canada so I could capture the realities of life and the extreme seasons in that beautiful diverse country. Thank you, Leah!

Finally, thanks to my family and friends who have been tireless in their support of The Iceberg Trilogy. Thanks also to the many readers and bloggers around the world who have embraced Book 1 of The Iceberg Trilogy,  Seldom Come By, especially Hildy Nightingale from The Book Bosses, Vee Carthens from Honey Lemon Tea, and Sheree Davey from The Eclectic Reader.

I appreciate your support very much.