Warning: spoiler alert!

Seldom Come By is a haunting love story set against the windswept coast of Newfoundland. The story draws you in from the opening lines and takes you on a compelling journey across time and continents, through love, loss, heartache and healing. It is a beautiful and memorable story — a great accomplishment and a wonderful read.
–   Julie Fison, Australia

I loved the style of this book and the blossoming romance between Samuel and Rebecca – oohh the anticipation! And the iceberg kissing scene!! And Samuel with his shirt off 🙂 Drool… Their intense love for each other and the love scenes reminded me of Tatiana and Alexander. This book has a slow build then at a certain point it takes off and it becomes absolutely gripping. You are on the very edge of you seat. Your mouth is open. I so admire Rebecca — her strength to prevail through heartache and sadness, tragedy and loss, her toughness as a younger woman living in Newfoundland, and then later how she managed to come to terms with everything. Some scenes were particularly moving — tears down my face. This book has it all. I was enthralled. I simply could not put it down!
Su Sprott, Australia

A wholly engaging read that wraps you up in another world. It is refreshing to be taken to a place and time before cell phones and computers, adding a richness to the characters and their relationships. The story of how Samuel and Rebecca met and fell in love will always stay with me — and leaves me feeling as if I have already visited Newfoundland.
–   Carolyn Wood, New Zealand

From very early on in this novel I wanted to know what was going to happen to Samual and Rebecca. I really empathised with Rebecca’s sense that she was only experiencing a tiny part of the world and that out there somewhere was a whole world of adventure and experience. The fact that Samuel was adrift on a boat before Rebecca found him was a perfect start to their relationship! It grabbed me immediately.

Great job on creating that fogged-in atmosphere that Newfoundland is famous for. I have lived that ‘fogged-in’ feeling many times. The iceberg was an amazing scene to experience from both Samuel and Rebecca’s point of view. That sense of longing and yearning in the Epistles was palpable. And from there the tension and excitement just grew, with scenes that were wrenching, breathtaking and moving. A highly satisfying read.
–   Leah Sparkes, Australia and Newfoundland

I loved Seldom Come By. For me it is right up there with The Bronze Horseman and Outlander. I enjoyed Samuel and Rebecca’s love story and the visual spectacle conjured up in so many scenes. There were parts that made my heart race and others that made me cry and some that did both. I couldn’t put the book down and am waiting with baited breath for the next instalment in the trilogy.
–   Anita Beasley, Australia

Oh to be in my twenties (and thirties and early forties…) again!!!! I wish I had a family like the Daltons – three generations of Dalton men hugging each other is just wonderful. This is truly a satisfying read — romance, great mood, history, realistic, exciting, with a few twists that I did not see coming. and some scenes that are just beautiful, breathtaking. Bring on the sequel. I can’t wait.
– Ruth Schaffer, New Zealand

Feisty Rebecca follows her heart, through adventures set in picturesque Canada –  readers need more heroines like her.
–   Jeanette Kirby, Australia