About Gene

Here’s a little bit about Evangeline — Gene, Samuel and Rebecca’s younger daughter. I thought you might like to know a little bit more about the girl who grows up to have her own epic adventurous love story in Come What May, Book 2 of The Iceberg Trilogy.

When Samuel and Rebecca visited Montreal when the children were younger Gene’s favourite all time outing was the marketplace. While the other children were goggled-eyed over what was on offer, Gene’s eyes were only for the people. She would stare at the Indian woman in a patterned cotton dress with a man’s black panama hat on her head and the nuns draped in black with a crown of white wimple around their heads. Gene had asked who they were and before Rebecca had time to reply, Abby said, ‘They are God’s angels.’

‘No they’re not,’ countered Gene. ‘If they were they would be wearing white.’

‘That’s right,’ Rebecca had said, ‘They are nuns. They belong to the Catholic Church.’

But even so Gene was fixated by them. She said to her mother, ‘They look a bit like that statue back home Mommy. Maybe they do have wings under those dark outfits.’

‘Yes they do look a bit like that statue on top of the pillar but no they don’t have wings underneath their outfits,’ Rebecca had replied.

‘Maybe if I became a nun, I would grow wings,’ Gene mused.

South_africa Monument Queen St & Uni Av 1913.Quebec City Market 1919.