Come What May


Come What May


She was moved beyond words. She just put her hand on Jonathan’s leg and squeezed out her heart.

Book Club Discussion Topics

She was moved beyond words. She just put her hand on Jonathan’s leg and squeezed out her heart.

Book Club Discussion Topics

WARNING! Spoilers…

  1. In Come What May, multiple characters have to rebuild their lives. Who inspired you and why?

  2. There’s a line in the book from Rebecca’s point of view, “His presence made her heart rejoice, reminding her of all the great men in her life.” Who were the men in Come What May (and Seldom Come By) that impacted you the most and how?

  3. This book is a historical novel and as much as possible seeks to be historically accurate. Were there any historical elements that piqued your interest?

  4. In part, this is a book about sibling relationships and how siblings can help heal each other. Can you relate to how a sibling can help you heal or help you through a major life challenge?

  5. Seldom Come By had a shocking heart-in-mouth moment that most readers did not see coming. Did Come What May have a similar moment for you and what was it?

  6. Landscapes are a feature of Come What May – almost a character in themselves. Discuss the impact of landscapes on the people in this book. Which ones appealed to you? How have landscapes impacted your own life?

  7. In Books 1 and 2 of The Iceberg Trilogy, animals have played an important part in healing. Why do you think animals help us heal?

  8. In Come What May, Gene’s strongest friendships (outside her family) are with indigenous Canadians. Why is this? Is Gene a lonely woman or a woman content to mostly be alone?

  9. Gene suffered from a mix of mental health issues throughout Come What May. From post-traumatic stress disorders, melancholia, depression, postnatal depression, anxiety disorders through to psychotic disorders (hallucinations). Given everything she struggled with, what did you think of her as a character?

  10. Sonny is a rare man. What do you think he saw in Gene and why do you think he hung in there?

  11. In this novel Rebecca loses both her husband and youngest son. If she had only lost one of them through that tragedy do you think her mourning journey would have been any different? Would you have been like Rebecca and decided not to know the details of their death or would you needed to have known?

  12. It is rare for a series that introduces two main love interests in Book 1 for one of these main characters to NOT survive and be a part of Books 2 and 3. How did Samuel’s death impact your relationship with the series?

Come What May is a provocative and compelling love story with a difference, told partly through the eyes of a young woman battling her inner demons and partly from the point of view of her mother — who has had to deal with more than her fair share of tragedy in her lifetime.

Julie Fusion, Author

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